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Homestay Boarding for Dogs

When you have to be away from home for a few days or go on holiday and can't take your dog with you, you'll need to find somewhere for your dog to stay. One solution is to leave your dog with a boarding kennels, but while we've got nothing against kennels, they're not for everybody or for all dogs. Dog homestay boarding is an increasingly popular alternative that we offer.

In case you don't know, homestay boarding means your dog lives in somebody's home while you're away and lives as part of the family, meaning they get a lot more personal attention and company, not to mention plenty of walks and fresh air. It's not as cheap as a boarding kennels, but then it's not the same sort of service either; it's an alternative.

Now that I'm not teaching anymore I work from home designing websites, and I can do that any time, so becoming a daytime dog walker and nighttime website designer made sense to me. That aside, we love dogs and even if it's now a business for us, it's something we both enjoy, day in day out. If you're a dog owner you'll understand that anyway.

Subject to availability, because we only have two homes available, we can also offer dog homestay accommodation. Your dog will live with us and get all the walks he or she can take! You'll need to provide whatever food your dog normally eats and any regular bedding, to help your dog feel more at home.

We offer a full homestay boarding service, allowing your dog to stay in our homes while you're away on holiday. The service even includes collection and delivery of your dog.

Dog Sitting

An alternative to dog homestay boarding is dog-sitting. In effect, it doubles as house-sitting because someone will live in your house while you're away, taking care of both your dog and home. We can offer this service, always subject to availability, but only in the Shenfield area. If your dog has problems settling into strange environments and you need a dog sitter, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

If you'd like to speak to us about our dog homestay or dogsitting services, please click the button below to contact us by email in the first instance.