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Your local dog walker

My name is Brian and I am the founder of Essex Dog Walking. A lifelong dog lover and having owned some beautiful beasts over the years, I decided to set up Essex Dog Walking after returning to the UK from Italy in 2017, where I'd been teaching for a decade. You can only be a teacher for so long without losing your sanity!

Myself and my partner, who also walks dogs, wanted to do something we both enjoyed and we decided to start dog walking professionally after taking in and looking after my father's bulldog and boxer, both of whom would spend their days trying to provoke endless games unles we walked them at least three times a day. A friend said we should be charging for doing it, and the idea grew from there.

Now that I'm not teaching anymore I work from home designing websites, and I can do that any time, so becoming a daytime dog walker and nighttime website designer made sense to me. That aside, we love dogs and even if it's now a business for us, it's something we both enjoy, day in day out. If you're a dog owner you'll understand that anyway.

In terms of my personal dogs, I've had a couple of Rotties, a couple of Great Danes, an English Mastiff, a Boxer, an Alsatian and a Labrador, and on top of that I have to add four cross-breeds that came as a package deal with girlfriends over the years. My favourite will always be Dusty, my first Rottie, and Harvey, my blue Great Dane. Had I known Harvey's character earlier, I'd almost certainly have called him Forrest, or Gump, because he certainly shared the same intellectual qualities...

We're based in Shenfield but offer dog walking services in the Brentwood, Warley, Ingrave, Billericay, Ingatestone and Blackmore areas, 7-days a week to suit your needs.

How we work

We try to keep things as simple as possible, a tradition that sometimes feels lost in Britain these days. If you need a dog walker or are looking for dog homestay accommodation, all you need to do is email us via our contact form (see the button below). We'll phone you as soon as is practical, answer any questions you may have, then organise a visit to your home, to meet you and your dog. If we all get along and can agree terms and so on, that's great.

For dog walking, whether you want one walk a week or one every day, we ask all new clients to pay for each week's walks in advance. We're happy to arrange alternative terms with established clients. We think that's fair. For dog homestay boarding, we always ask that the full amount is paid in advance.

If you'd like to speak to us about our dog walking or dog homestay services, please click the button below to contact us by email in the first instance.